World Bazaar Festival 2023 Brings You a Shopping Experience Like No Other!

The World Bazaar Festival (WBF) 2023 is back this year, bigger and grander than before! Over the years, the World Bazaar Festival has continued to uphold the spirit of Christmas in the Philippines, bringing smiles and cheers and delivering them to the people who visit this bazaar. This year, the World Bazaar Festival will bring that experience to a whole new level, with new zones to visit and new shows and competitions to watch out for! 

This year’s theme is “Shop ‘Til You Pop”, combining the known saying “Shop ‘till you drop” and the pop culture genre. This combination allows this event to get creative and colorful while maintaining its Christmas spirit to deliver a fun experience for all visitors, guests, and even the exhibitors and sellers. With its colorful displays and playful decorations, the World Bazaar Festival will make you feel like you are a kid again! 

WBF 2023 also offers different zones for anyone to visit and shop. Aside from the staple Celebrity Pavilion and the Pet Zone, the World Bazaar Festival is also introducing newer zones, such as Woobie’s Arcade and the Woobie’s Artisinal Zone. These new additions to this year’s bazaar will help bring new and unique experiences for shoppers and visitors! 

This year’s World Bazaar Festival also introduces some new shows and competitions to further reflect the colorful theme of the event. A lot of first-time events are starting this year such as Woobie’s Artfest, a painting competition for those who have the creative mindset to create anything, Woobie’s CosWalk, a fashion show featuring the Philippines’ most creative and stylish cosplayers, Woobie’s Hallyu Stage, a dance competition to determine who among the contestants is the biggest k-pop stan out of all, and lastly Woobie’s Pop Diva Competition, a pride contest to see who among the contestants will take home the crown and title of this season’s best drag queen. 

Whether you want to “shop ‘till you pop” or watch the different activities, the World Bazaar Festival is right up your alley! This Christmas will be an exciting holiday when you come and visit the World Bazaar Festival 2023, which opens today until December 22, 2023, at the World Trade Center Metro Manila. 

You can get your tickets now at www.worldbazaarfestival.com, or visit the Facebook page for more details. 

The World Bazaar Festival is for the benefit of the ABS-CBN Foundation and is organized by Worldbex Services International.