JETOUR Auto Philippines delighted to renew partnership with Team Kramer!

The continuous journey behind JETOUR Auto Philippines and Team Kramer

Nowadays, trusting is a way of thinking that could be delicate. As JETOUR Auto Philippines growing exponentially in the Philippines automotive market, we recognize the importance of fostering trust and confidence among customers.
In an era where consumers are increasingly discerning and selective about brands, they align themselves with, JETOUR remains steadfast in our commitment to delivering exceptional quality, innovation, and value. With each passing day, we strive to exceed expectations and set new standards of excellence within the industry.

It was evident that moving forward together would require unity, collaboration, and a shared vision. Each step taken together strengthened the bonds, reinforcing the notion that collective effort was greater than the sum of its parts. As navigated challenges and celebrated victories, the synergy of the collaboration became increasingly apparent, propelling towards common goals with unwavering determination.

From left to right: Ma. Chere Du Gioskos – Team Kramer Manager, Doug Kramer, Chesca Kramer, Mr. Miguelito Jose, Managing Director – JETOUR Auto Philippines, Mr. Yves Licup – JETOUR Auto Philippines
From the past to the future with resilience and purpose

The Kramer family, comprised of celebrity couple, Doug and Chesca, along with their kids, Kendra, Scarlett, and Gavin, epitomizes the typical Filipino Family. They showcase their lifestyle in full respect, enjoyment, and mutual benefit as JETOUR sought an ideal personality to promote the brand.

After a sequence of appearances with JETOUR, including their debut at the Manila International Auto Show in April 2023, the Team Kramer shoot in May 2023 that sparked a trend for Kendra’s social media with the Kendra, and the JETOUR ICE CREAM EV release to Kendra Kramer meanwhile, the breath-taking YouTube car review videos where the Kramer Family drives the cars chosen as daily outings. And to conclude the Team Kramer Dashing turnover in July 2023 as Doug and Chesca expressed their devotion to JETOUR’s actions and road taken as a car innovating brand, the consumers have fixed a greater image according to JETOUR. 

JETOUR sustains its commitment to showcasing its involvement in consumer satisfaction “Drive Your Future” by creating new vehicles and new features for the comfort of its loyal clients one year from now.

In the photo: Doug and Chesca Kramer
A Display of family commitment

As Team Kramer realizes versatility of events for the year 2023, JETOUR Auto Philippines Inc. officially announces the renewal of the contract before the Manila International Auto Show 2024. With Team Kramer, the audience is still aware of their impact on social media and on their family improvement with their good-natured way of life that values old tradition, respect, quantity, and quality of time spent for each other.

Based on the astounding year of the Philippines brand, JETOUR registered reservations from car buyers consistently throughout the car event preview of the Dashing PHEV and the 4X4 SUV T2 on March 21, 2024, at Gallio Events Hall.

The JETOUR 4×4 SUV T2 has been the newest family choice. JETOUR will be releasing a JETOUR T2 to Doug Kramer and he will be the first owner. With its rugged and luxurious character exterior design coherently continues in its interior layout and amenities. And to icing on the cake the ADVANCED 6+X DRIVING MODES will surpass the adventure encountered by Team Kramer.

Upon deciding to embrace modernity in their daily lives by opting for the JETOUR X70, their beloved Strawberry Ice Cream Battery Electric Vehicle, and the Dashing, the Kramer family embarked on a quest for sophistication and refinement, effortlessly merging innovation with grace in all facets of their routine.

As the journey continues with Team Kramer, JETOUR eagerly anticipates accompanying them on their odyssey, providing vehicles that not only meet but exceed their expectations, ensuring every adventure is met with excitement and unparalleled comfort. With the Kramer family leading the way, the possibilities are limitless, and the adventure is bound to be extraordinary.

JETOUR Auto Philippines Inc. is the sole and official distributor of JETOUR vehicles and services in the country. JAPI sells the seven-seater X70 in Journey, Travel, and Sport variants, the seven-seater X70 Plus, the Dashing subcompact crossover, and the Ice Cream Battery Electric Vehicle. For more information, you may contact JETOUR’s 16 authorized dealerships nationwide.