Buoyed by JETOUR’s worldwide successes, JAPI sets lofty targets in mid-year business conference

In the photo: JETOUR Auto Philippines Executives & JETOUR Auto Dealer Representatives from National Capital Region, Luzon, Visayas & Mindanao – Dealer Principals, General Managers, Sales Managers and Service Managers

The year 2023 revealed to the global automotive markets what the JETOUR brand was capable of achieving, and its potential to do so much more. That year, JETOUR exported 112,000 units, marking a year-on-year increase of 147% that exceeded its home country China’s overall export growth rate by 58%, doubling for four consecutive years and making the brand one of the fastest-growing in China. JETOUR’s global sales of 82,000 units in 2023 reflected the brand’s 14 consecutive months of growth. Its global distribution network grew from 300 to 600, including 250 new exclusive showrooms, with average unit sales per showroom increasing from 12 to 20.

With everything looking up for JETOUR on a worldwide scale, no wonder JETOUR Auto Phil Inc (JAPI) had set its sights just as high for its corporate and dealership families at its 2024 Mid-Year Business Conference held last June 19 at the Solaire Resort North, Vertis North.

At the conference,  Mr. Jose reaffirmed its commitment to the Philippine market by presenting its strategic objectives for the second half of 2024, and outlining a comprehensive growth strategy for the coming year and as a young automotive brand in the Philippines, we aim to generate over 60 thousand  leads in the next six months and improve our conversion strategies to achieve our goal of 2,500 unit sales. 

Executives, officers, sales and marketing teams from JETOUR’S 22 dealers nationwide came in full force for the pivotal conference. Namely, these dealers were:

JETOUR Auto Alabang; JETOUR Auto Cubao; JETOUR Auto Chinatown; JETOUR Auto Edsa Centris; JETOUR Auto Fairview; JETOUR Auto Las Piñas; JETOUR Auto Makati; JETOUR Auto Pasig; JETOUR Auto Quezon Avenue; JETOUR Auto Baliuag; JETOUR Auto Dau; JETOUR Auto Isabela; JETOUR Auto Marilao; JETOUR Auto Tuguegarao; JETOUR Auto Bacoor; JETOUR Auto Pagsanjan; JETOUR Auto Bacolod; JETOUR Auto Iloilo; JETOUR Auto Cebu; JETOUR Auto Davao, JETOUR Auto Cagayan De Oro; and; JETOUR Auto General Santos

In the photo: Ms. Julie Ann Sevilla, National Sales Manager – JETOUR Auto Philippines, Mr. Jun San Miguel, Dealer Development Manager, Ms. Cherry May De Los Santos, Marketing Director – JETOUR Auto Philippines, Mr. Yves Licup, President – JETOUR Auto Philippines, Mr. Miguelito Jose, Managing Director – JETOUR Auto Philippines, Ms. Hilda San Juan, Sales Director – JETOUR Auto Philippines, Mr. Eryx Guiang, Aftersales Director – JETOUR Auto Philippines, Ms. Angela Navarro, Accounting Deputy Director – JETOUR Auto Philippines, Mr. Mark Paz, Training and Product Development Manager – JETOUR Auto Philippines, Mr. Toto Juanitas, Area Sales Manager, JETOUR Auto Philippines

Led by Managing Director Miguelito Jose, Marketing Director Cherry May Delos Santos, and Aftersales Director Eryx Guiang, JAPI’s leadership laid out the grand roadmap to success for the second half of 2024 and for 2025 that not only solidifies the company’s market presence and ensures sustained growth in the Philippine automotive industry, but also echoes the worldwide upward trajectory of the brand.

As an exciting follow-up to the successful launch of the Dashing Symphony, Dashing Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV), and the T2 4X4 SUV in the first half of 2024, JAPI whetted the appetite of dealers and guests when it announced that it would launch three more models before end of 2024. These up-and-coming new releases would cater to the diverse preferences and needs of Filipinos, thereby expanding JAPI’s target markets even further.

JAPI then assured all those in attendance that it would invest heavily in shoring up its customer service and after-sales support. This initiative involves expanding service centers, providing extensive training for staff to deliver superior customer care, and leveraging digital platforms for more seamless interactions with customers. JETOUR reaffirmed its commitment to environmental sustainability by integrating eco-friendly practices within its operations. The company plans to promote electric and hybrid vehicles and actively participate in green initiatives across the Philippines.

JAPI also announced that two more dealerships would be opened in strategic locations before 2024 ends, thus ensuring an even wider availability of JETOUR vehicles and services. This network expansion would continue in 2025, making it more convenient for customers to access JETOUR products and services.

It was also revealed that an even more robust marketing campaign would be on the horizon, as well. This includes heightened engagements with local communities, using social media platforms, and participating in major automotive events and exhibitions.

Brand and corporate collaborations were also shown to be key in JETOUR’s immediate future in the Philippines. JAPI declared it would establish strategic partnerships with local businesses, government entities, and other stakeholders to foster growth and innovation. These collaborations are expected to create synergies that benefit both the company and the broader automotive ecosystem in the Philippines.

Recognizing the importance of human resources to drive the JETOUR brand aggressively forward, JAPI reiterated during the conference that it would nurture and grow an outstandingly skilled and motivated workforce.

In the photo: JETOUR Auto Philippines Executives & JETOUR Auto Dealer Representatives from National Capital Region, Luzon, Visayas & Mindanao – Dealer Principals, General Managers, Sales Managers and Service Managers

As concrete proof of this intent, the company has set in motion its revolutionary JETOUR Auto Philippines Academy (JAPA). 

JAPA will consist of the JETOUR Sales Ambassador Training (JSAT) which will provide comprehensive training to all frontlines that consists of the following: JETOUR Sales Ambassadors  (JSA’s) well as training the support group consisting of sales supervisors, sales administrators, and sales managers. JAPI further explained that ultimately, JETOUR and its dealers nationwide will be supported by teams of reliable, loyal, and quality-driven sales executives not only representing the JETOUR brand but also promoting, selling, and delivering the JETOUR auto model lineup to customers with utmost professionalism and excellence.

JETOUR Marketing Adaptive Training (JMAT) will equip marketing professionals and customer relations officers with a robust set of skills and knowledge required to excel in the dynamic and competitive world of brand management and customer relations. This comprehensive program covers a wide range of strategies and practices essential for effectively managing and promoting brands in today’s ever-evolving marketplace.

For aftersales, to provide an overview of this academy and its impact on our sales performance since its inception in providing manpower development, more particularly in the area of technical expertise, we will continue to what works well with us through the JETOUR Technical Assessment Program or (JTAP). 

JAPI said the JSAT, JTAP and JMAT programs will be applied to all the dealers through dedicated Sales, After-sales and Marketing and Customer Relations representatives  who will offer extensive product training.

JETOUR Auto Philippines Inc. is the sole and official distributor of JETOUR vehicles and services in the country. JAPI sells the seven-seater JETOUR X70 variants in Journey, Travel, and Sport, Plus, the JETOUR Dashing, Dashing Symphony subcompact crossover, the JETOUR Ice Cream Battery Electric Vehicle, and the 4X4 SUV JETOUR T2. For more information, you may contact JETOUR’s authorized dealerships nationwide. 

For more details about JETOUR, you may visit JETOUR’s 22 authorized dealerships nationwide.