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JUAN is your personal travel companion. We are your tour guide on print and online. Don’t know where to go on your next vacation? JUAN is here to help you.

Check out the different sections that we have to fill your travel appetite:

  • JUAN’S Destination - We tell you where to go on that much-deserved vacation. 7,107 islands? Let’s explore them one by one.
  • JUAN’s Feature - Because we are the Ultimate Travel Guide, join JUAN as we explore one premier travel spot in the Philippines.
  • JUAN’s Heritage - Let us celebrate our being Filipino and let us show the world our culture and our lives.
  • Comfort Zone – It’s been a hard day’s night, we know. Now allow JUAN to treat you to homes away from homes.
  • Serving Spoon - You are what you eat and we want you to know what you SHOULD be eating and where.
  • Personality 1-0-JUAN - Hot local and international personalities tell us all about their favorite travel experiences. Want your boss featured here?
  • Freesize - Floral shirts are not in anymore, okay? Of course we want you to look good in your next escapade! Find out the latest in fashion here.
  • Equipped - A guide to what gadgets you should have in your bags to better enjoy that cocktail in your hand or the sand on your feet.
  • Detour - In heaven there is no beer. JUAN shows you where to drink them here.
  • Calendar of Events - Festivals, events, concerts and other events that you would be interested to attend? Find them all here!
  • Parting Shot - Ever wanted to appear in a magazine? Send us your travel photos and we’ll take care of your dream.
  • Directory - Necessary travel information like where to stay, what bus to take, what flight to book, etc. Find them all here.